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Tune Ups

That fresh off the lot feel

No matter how spectacular of condition you keep your car, at some point you will probably take it to a mechanic for a tune up. We are no strangers to detail. When it comes to tune ups, detail goes a long way.


One of the quickest ways to see power improvements for your car is through bolt-ons. We have done so many bolt-on mods we basically do them in our sleep now. If you do not have the time or patience bring them to us, it's what we love to do.


The best way to change a car's performance is to change how it thinks. Funk E Built offers top of the line tuning to get your car where it needs to be. From a simple tune to optimize your stock block, to a tune that throws you in your seat, we have you covered.

We offer two different methods of tuning. Road tunes, and dyno tunes. A road tune takes place by adjusting the ECU while the car is being driven. Changes can be made on the fly. A dyno tune adjusts the ECU while the car is on a dynamometer, this is the preferred method for precision and performance tuning. Adjustments can be made directly to the ECU or can be made through a COBB AccessPort. You can learn more about our tuning here.

* Prices and items subject to change and availibilty. The price calculated is for estimation purposes only. This is not a quote or guarantee of service. Please contact us for more information.


Cars move, moving things break, and we fix broken moving things!

All cars have their issues, and when yours has its moment bring it to us. We have been working on all makes and models for over sixteen years. What makes the difference between a mechanic and a Funk E Built mechanic is the love and craft that goes into each car. All of our technicians are in love with the tuner, rally, and track world. No matter the level of your needs, we have your maintenance covered.


There is never anything wrong with asking for a little advice. Our crew has been deep in the tuner game for many years. Things are changing all the time in the car world. We are here to help you navigate. Consulting for basic builds, services, and high performance has never been easier.

Oh yeah, did we mention we build engines?

Our real claim to fame is building blocks. This is what Funk E Built was born for. Our goal is to provide Northern Colorado with the best street drivable cars. Engine work can be daunting, but have no fear. Funk E Built is the master of Subaru blocks. In case you haven't already checked it out, our Engine Calculator is a great tool to see what we can build for you.