Subaru Engine Pricing

Use this quick calculator to build your Subaru block.

We do not recommend installing a larger turbo without building the block first.

Contact us for information on engine builds for other makes and models.

OEM Subaru


Standard Forged (up to 500WHP)


Forged Closed Deck (500 - 600WHP)


"The God Block" (600+WHP)


* All builds require good core. All blocks inclide machining and balancing.

Install with OE Gasket Kit


12mm JDM Oil Pump


OEM Water Pump w/ Thermostat


ARP 2000 Head Studs (up to 26PSI)


ARP 625 Head Studs (26PSI +)


Killer Bee Oil Pick Up Tube


ARP Case Bolts


Killer Bee Windage Tray


OEM Timing Belt Kit


JE Pro Seal Head Gasket


Cosworth Head Gasket (W Casting Heads)


Group "N" Engine Mounts


Head Rebuild Starting At


** Prices and items subject to change and availibilty. The price calculated is for estimation purposes only. This is not a quote or guarantee of service. Please contact us for more information.

*Our Built Forged Blocks are intended for racing applications and competition use, As such carry no warranty.