Can you build a killer one?

Use this quick calculator to put together the block of your dreams

All it takes is one mod to realize how much potential your car has. Funk E Built specializes in building the best street driveable motors in Northern Colorado.

As with all things in life, there is a correct way to do something, and a cheap way. We always take the time to put an engine together the right way. We do not recommend installing a larger turbo without building the block first.

All builds include Labor and Seals for


*Possible core charge may apply

Used Block

Includes cleaning, inspecting and prep for assembly. Also includes machine boring to a piston of your choice.


New Block

Brand new OEM Subaru case half's, not recommended past 600hp


Reconditioned Closed Deck

We Begin with a used block, that is sent for prep and converted to to a closed deck.

$1100 (+ bore and hone)

Sleeved Block

$1400 (+ bore and hone)

Sleeved & Closed Deck Block

$2500 (+ bore and hone)

OEM Heat Treated


Manley Chromoly


Crawford Billet




ACL Race Bearing




King Bearings


BC H Beam w/ ARP 2000


BC H Beam w/ ARP 625


BC I Beam w/ ARP 625


Manley H-Tuff w/ ARP 2000


Manley H-Tuff w/ ARP 625


Manley Turbo Tuff I Beam w/ ARP 625


Tomei H Beam w/ L19


Pauter X Beam w/ ARp 625


Cosworth H Beam w/ H11












11mm STI Oil Pump


OEM Water Pump


ARP 2000 Head Studs


ARP 625 Head Studs


ACL Orbit 12mil


ARP Case Bolts


Engine Internal Balancing


* Prices and items subject to change and availibilty. The price calculated is for estimation purposes only. This is not a quote or guarantee of service. Please contact us for more information.

*Our Built Forged Blocks are intended for racing applications and competition use, As such carry no warranty.